A personal blog living a dream life in southern Spain

Living abroad – Hola Andalucia, Spain

An expat life in abroad. Are you scared leaving friends & family at home? You think you are going to be on your own and lonely, sitting under your sun umbrella? Think again. Being an expat offers a whole new world. There are many others like you, from various countries, with different backgrounds – but with one thing in common: They did it. They all made a fresh start. They entered a new life. Accepted the challenge. Nobody has an organic grown network built from kindergarten and high school when leaving their hometown. But with an open mind, and a smile on your face (even if you don’t speak a single word in the other language in the beginning) you ll notice immediately how welcoming and warm people are. Because they walked the same path: arriving in a foreign country, without knowing anyone. Open your heart. Open your mind. Smile. This is your entry ticket for living a happy life as an expat.

In my bilingual (German & Engish) Blog I share information about our living abroad – in Andalucia, southern Spain. What’s the weather like? What’s on? What’s weird, and what’s wonderful?

The page hopefully helps you either starting a new dream life in Andalucia, or you are here already. Comments, shares and likes are appreciated.