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Bio Claudia Sabine von Reth
Marketing Communicator & Event Specialist

A vibrant personality, always thinking creatively Out-of-the-box for solutions, while keeping her crystal clear and focused determination. With her relentless passion for exploring new places, she was named by others “A very inspiring person”.

✅ Marketing Communications Consultant https://von-reth.com/sabine/

✅ CEO https://www.bavarian-beerhouse-franchise.com

✅ Blogger https://www.andalucia-mi-amor.com

✅ Certified Student https://barcainnovationhub.com/product/certificate-in-communication-in-sports-organizations/

✅ Mentor @costawomen

👩‍❤️‍👨 Happily married to René von Reth since 2003

🐶 Dog mummy to Seppi 2006 – 2021 / RockY since 2021

Claudia Sabine von Reth born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1969. Passionate about writing and photography since childhood days, she started in Public Relations & Event Management in her early 20s. With communications being her core strength, she found her natural given talent in planning and realisation. The following years she worked for global leisure and entertainment companies, such as Tourism Queensland (Australia), Yangtze River Cruises (China) and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Europe.

Sabine moved to London in 2003, where she became the CEO and Co-Founder of the Bavarian Beerhouse Ltd. Group, the first and only Oktoberfest-Restaurant-Chain in the UK. Using her Marketing experiences and talent, the company became the best known German Restaurant Brand in the entire UK, if not worldwide. After running the business successfully for 15 years, it was time for a change and new challenges.

After moving to southern Spain 2018, she became a Blogger https://www.andalucia-mi-amor.com/ . She studied and got her diploma in “Communications for Global Sports Organisations“ at the University of FC Barcelona https://barcainnovationhub.com/. Furthermore, Sabine is part of a Mentorship Programme @CostaWomen in Spain, helping others finding and developing their full strength.

With a bit of a delay because of the pandemic, the successful Bavarian Beerhouse group has been launched as global franchise in 21. Sabine is CEO and Co-Founder and again responsible for all Marketing activities https://www.bavarian-beerhouse-franchise.com/ In addition she works together with a co-author writing “The BavarianBeerhouse UK story”, a book which is due to be published later in 22.

Used to an active lifestyle and driven by her never ending curiosity Sabine is currently (after the pandemic) looking for new challenges and adventures. Whats next? Stay tuned.

Brief summary
Writer – Photographer – Networker. World Traveler & Global Citizen // Free Spirit
#Creativ #Quirky #Independent

Claudia Sabine von Reth
Global Marketing Communications Specialist

Claudia Sabine, geboren 1969 in Frankfurt am Main, ist Marketing Communications und Event Profi. Ihr Werdegang in der Public Relation begann 1991 auf Agenturseite, 1995 wechselte sie Unternehmensseite und arbeitete 5 Jahre für Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Europa im Marketing & Events Bereich. In 2000 gründete sie ihre eigene PR Agentur „S2 Public Relations“, die sich auf Lifestyle- und Tourismus Themen spezialisierte.

Nach ihrem Umzug nach London, UK in 2003 gründete Sabine, zusammen mit Partner Rene von Reth, die Unternehmensgruppe „Bavarian Beerhouse“, für die sie bis 2018 die komplette Marketing Communications & Brand Management Verantwortung trug. Nach 15 erfolgreichen Jahren war es 2018 Zeit für eine Veränderung.

Aus einem geplanten Sabbatical in Spanien wurde 2019 ein erfolgreicher Blog https://www.andalucia-mi-amor.com/ und ein Studium „Communications for Sports Organisations“ an der Universität des Fußballclubs FC Barcelona. Sabine ist Mitglied in einem Mentor-Programm @CostaWomen und hilft anderen, ihre Stärken zu entdecken und umzusetzen. Darüber hinaus ist sie für alle Marketing Aktivitäten des weltweiten Franchise-Programs für deutsche Restaurants zuständig https://www.bavarian-beerhouse-franchise.com/

Stillsitzen ist langweilig. Was kommt als nächstes?

Kommunikations Profi – Fotograf – Networker. WeltReisende & WeltBuerger // Freigeist
#Kreativ #Unabhängig #Freiheitsliebend

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